We’ve seen our fair share of hot Cosplayers. But in our humble opinion, Cubbi Thompson rules them all! This girl is absolutely gorgeous. Not only has she curves for days… she is also incredibly smart and funny as shit. That’s right, this sexy nerd is the complete package!

Don’t believe me? Well, check out this collection of 20 super hot images from this brunette bombshell!

Meet “Sexy Nerd” Cubbi Thompson!

#20. Sometimes I feel like no ‘bunny’ cares anymore

#19. Went to a Pumpkin Halloween party last night!! It was a ‘Gourd’ time!

#18. There’s a party on the moon tonight but I cant go because its full…

#17. MEOW

#16. I was so hungry during this shoot but we only had raisins…trust me I was ‘Raisin Hell’ about it!!

#15. Harry potter puns can ‘Slytherin’ to my comments any day!!

#14. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Captain Jakie Sparrow! I just came for the ‘booty’

#13. Who’s been playing the new Spiderman game?! I have and I love it!! It reminds me of the batman games but he has ‘bat breath’ so I choose Spiderman instead…

#12. Let’s ‘cut’ right to the chase. Friday the 13th is the best day ever!

#11. I yawned in the mos eisley cantina the other day, think I started a ‘Chain-reaction…