Standing Out

If you are thinking about getting (another) tattoo then below you will find a collection of unique tattoos that aren’t just gorgeous to look at, they will also have you stand out among the tattoo crowd!

Here’s one way to stand out… But keep reading for more err… subtle ways to be original!

Tattoos That Are Breaking The Mold

In the past, a tattoo had to be as realistic as possible. Hearts, skulls and naked women were very popular with the predominantly male clientele. However, times change. Tattoos have penetrated the mainstream and are no longer public domain of bikers and salty sea dogs. The result is that the art of tattooing has come a long way. Thanks to creative people, especially graphic designers and street artists, tattoos are being revived and re-imagined all the time. Below we have rounded up a collection of unique tattoos that you might not have seen before. New styles and designs that are now possible due to the development of advanced tattoo machines, making much finer drawings possible.

These sorts of tattoo designs are currently skyrocketing in popularity. The designer chooses graphics, such as geometric shapes and straight lines, but also fully anarchist experiments in the style of children’s drawings. Have a look below for some incredible examples!

Unique Tattoos 

#1. Mosaic Flow Tattoos

Coined by the amazing Coen Mitchell, Mosaic Flow is a style that is heavily influenced by traditional Polynesian drawing. The designs are a combination of traditional dot work, black & white realism and pops of vibrant colors.

unique tattoos 002 unique tattoos 001

#2. Fine Line Micro Tattoos

Thanks to top tattooer to the stars, Dr Woo. Fine Line Micro Tattoos have skyrocketed in popularity. They consist of black-and-grey, subtle straight or curved thin lines that represent 2D or 3D objects. Thanks to advanced tattooing technology, these tattoos can be incredibly detailed. While still looking elegant and discreet.

unique tattoos 003