#3. Geometric Shape Tattoos

Geometric Shape tattoos use fine monochromatic lines to create geometric animals and other minimalistic shapes. They often use subtle dots for shading, creating depth in the images.

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#4. Water Color Tattoos

This style of tattooing is named after its freeform and quality technique of the actual painting method. What makes them stand out is the lack of strong, dark lines we see in most other tattoo styles.

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#5. Doodle Tattoos

If you want to remember you kid’s childhood, than tattooing one of his or hers drawings on your body is one way to do it. While some people have the actual drawing of their kid tattooed on their body, others prefer to go with doodle like drawings designed by a tattoo artist. This might not be for everyone, but the colorful images will undoubtedly grab the attention!

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