Lets face it, men are simple creatures. Sure, there are certainly leg and butt guys out there, but it appears that the majority of men has a “fetish” for the female boob. I know some of you armchair psychiatrists will immediately be jumping into the breast-feeding theory — and you may very well be correct in that assumption. However, all we know is that boobs are one of nature’s finest creations. So what happens when you combine boobs with our other favorite thing in the world, tattoos? That’s right, we are talking living, breathing, talking piece of art!

Unfortunately, not all tattoos are created equally and this goes especially for the underboob tattoo. But when done correctly, they can be truly exquisite. So what makes for a good underboob tattoo, you ask? We believe that it should work with the shape of the breasts so as not to detract from their beauty, but only enhance it. To illustrate this, we’ve rounded up these 30 stunning underboob tattoo designs. Enjoy!

30 Underboob Tattoo Designs


underboob tattoo 001


underboob tattoo 002

#28.underboob tattoo 003



underboob tattoo 006


underboob tattoo 007





underboob tattoo